Anglican congregations in South Africa being urged to help tackle water shortage

by Anglican Communion News Service


Source: Anglican Communion News Service

The Anglican Church of South Africa is calling on parishioners to urgently conserve water. Ahead of Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s launch of an international water initiative (see above), Bishop Margaret Vertue sent out a pastoral letter recently to be read in all parishes in the diocese of False Bay, warning that the situation with water levels has reached a crisis, with the authorities warning there are less than 100 days of water left in local dams. Bishop Vertue called on everyone in the diocese to take action: “Let us all work together consistently and seriously to use much less water and to invent ways to save water in the home. Our use and conservation of water not only during crisis times, but always, forms part of our stewardship of God’s bountiful resources. Let us as Anglicans take the lead in showing Christian responsibility in the use of water.” 

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