'Whose reading is right? Conflicts of interpretation in world Christianity' - Day Conference 12 April 2016



British and Irish Association for Practical Theology (Mission Studies Special Interest Group)
and Leeds Trinity University

Guest speaker: Dr Joshua Broggi, University of Oxford

Date: 12 April 2016, 11.00am-3.30pm

Theme: Why do readers from different cultures produce divergent readings of the Bible? In view of the global character of Christianity, this has become a prominent question. When Christians read scripture, traditions supply concepts that shape what counts as normal, good, and true. But what is the effect of Christian commitments on rationality? How have readers decided on a correct interpretation?

This day conference organised by the British and Irish Association for Practical Theology and Leeds Trinity University is an opportunity for a dialogue with Dr Joshua Broggi, University of Oxford. His book Diversity in the Structure of Christian Reasoning (Brill 2015) deals with just these issues, using illustrations from central Africa and southern India. Broggi offers a fresh strategy for relating tradition and reason that reconfigures the hermeneutical picture developed by Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer.

Booking: Please register your attendance by email to admin@biapt.org.uk .

Cost: £10.00. Includes refreshments and sandwich lunch. Payable on the day.

Refreshments served from 10.30am and available after 3.30pm.



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