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A New History of African Christian Thought: From Cape to Cairo

Date added: 17/01/2017

A New History of African Christian Thought: From Cape to Cairo

by David Tonghou Ngong

Published: November 2016

Published by: Routledge

ISBN-10: 0415857562

ISBN-13: 978-0415857567

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A new history of african christian thought

David Tonghou Ngong offers a comprehensive view of African Christian thought that includes North Africa in antiquity as well as Sub-Saharan Africa from the period of colonial missionary activity to the present. Challenging conventional colonial divisions of Africa, A New History of African Christian Thought demonstrates that important continuities exist across the continent. Chapters written by specialists in African Christian thought reflect the issues―both ancient and modern―in which Christian Africa has impacted the shape of Christian belief from the beginning of the movement up to the present day.

David Tonghou Ngong is originally from Cameroon, Africa, and is currently Associate Professor of Religion and Theology at Stilman College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

“This volume offers an excellent overview of the width and depth of African Christian thought as it has developed throughout the centuries and across the continent. Its originality is that it considers a wide variety of historical and contemporary traditions as authentic African articulations of Christian faith: from early church fathers such as St Tertullian and St Augustine, to the centuries-old but still living Egyptian Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, to the modern discourses of African liberation, inculturation, feminist, black, evangelical and catholic theologies. The contributions serve to demonstrate the critical point that Africa has been, and still very much is, a crucial part of Christian history, and that African agency continues to shape and reshape Christian thought.”

(Adriaan van Klinken, University of Leeds, UK)