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Crossroads of the Nations: Diaspora, Globalization, and Evangelism: Volume 1 (Urban Ministry in the 21st Century)

Date added: 27/08/2015

Crossroads of the Nations: Diaspora, Globalization, and Evangelism: Volume 1 (Urban Ministry in the 21st Century)

Jared Looney


The twin forces of globalization and urbanization are transforming the context of global missions. While the Western church grapples with the challenges of evangelism in an age of globalization, new evangelistic opportunities are emerging that blur the conventional boundaries between local and global outreach. Even as the rise of a persistent post-Christendom presents new challenges for the church, global migration is rearranging the religious and ethnic makeup of our cities. Cities are centers of constant change, and in an urban world, current missionaries will need to become adaptable. Furthermore, contemporary missions strategies will need to engage a world organized along networks that may transcend geographic boundaries. Painting a picture of evangelism and church planting in our urban and global world, Crossroads of the Nations utilizes contemporary data and together with missionary accounts – both actual and recent – tells a story of transnational missions impacting our world.


Jared Looney is the executive director of Global City Mission Initiative. He teaches seminary courses in practical theology as an adjunct professor, and he often teaches and consults on missiological themes.


“Jared not only pulls together a wealth of data to explain what is happening all over the world, he also charts a course to engage it that is theological well grounded and is proven to produce meaningful disciple making movements around the world. Jared and his co-workers are charting a corse for the rest of us in practice as well as theory.Transnational evangelism is not a fringe movement on the edge of the church, it represents the future. I heartily recommend this work, but warn you to leave your preconceived notions about the world and the church behind. God is drawing us into a gloriously diverse urban destination known as the New Jerusalem and we are at an moment of shifting epochs. In days like these, the church needs guides like Jared.”

(Dan Bouchelle, President of Mission Resource Network)


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