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Division and Hope in the Holy Land: Learnings from Rome and Jerusalem

Date added: 29/07/2016

This course will focus on Christian diversity and ecumenism, within the unique context of Jerusalem with its rich mixture of Christian communities. The program will combine sessions that explore the ecumenical councils and the historical divisions of the church, with visits to several of the 13 official churches in Jerusalem, opportunities to participate in varied liturgies, as well as visits holy sites and charitable institutions. The course will address the main issues in the ecumenical dialogue, the challenges shared by Christian churches today, the differences that divide, and the hope for greater strength in unity. The program includes two nights in Jordan, which is an integral part of the Holy Land. Numbers are restricted to 20 persons.

The course falls within and celebrates the 50th anniversary year of the foundation of the ACR in 1966.  It will be led by Archbishop David Moxon, Director of the ACR, and Canon Gregory Jenks, Dean of St George’s College. The course team will include Dom Henry Wansbrough and Bishop Jonathan Goodall, with input from other staff of the College and local scholars.


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