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Exploring the Glory of God: Conference 2016

Date added: 26/02/2016

Exploring the Glory of God Conference 2016

The inaugural Exploring the Glory of God Conference will be held from July 6-9 2016 at St John’s College, Durham University. Inspiration for the conference stems from the belief that God’s self-revelation leads to encounters that manifest in a rich variety of textual, ideological, social, and visual expressions. With a view to initiating academic and ecclesial dialogue on the subject of divine self-revelation, Dr Adesola Akala has convened this international conference in order to foster a deeper understanding of how God interacts with humanity. The multidisciplinary forum will facilitate a deepened understanding of divine self-revelation through lectures, seminars, and papers that explore biblical, theological and aesthetic perspectives of divine glory.


Six speakers at the cutting edge of scholarship who will deliver keynote lectures are: Prof David Brown (St Andrews), Prof James Dunn (Durham), Prof David Ford (Cambridge), Dr Paula Gooder (Bible Society), Prof Tom Greggs (Aberdeen) and Prof Jan Joosten (Oxford).


Constructive papers will probe multifaceted dimensions of divine self-revelation that engage with biblical and theological traditions of glory. Practical papers will explore the outworking of divine self-revelation in and through communities of faith. Topics offered by thinkers and practitioners will cover Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, Prayer/Liturgy, Cosmology/Science and Aesthetics.

 God’s glory will also be explored through Salvador Dalí’s Biblia Sarca, an impressive suite of 105 lithographs that depict key themes from the Bible. The Biblia Sarca will be on display at St John’s College. Another art exhibition featuring local artists will be held at the St John’s College chapel.

 Exploring the Glory of God Conference will provide a wide range of resources that will encourage academic research, and empower ordained and lay ministry. It is hoped that this conference will contribute to a comprehensive theology of glory that will have an enduring impact in the academy, church, and world. Scholars, students, clergy, and lay delegates are invited to register and join in this enlightening and inspiring conference.

 An ordained minister, Dr Akala has held teaching, pastoral, and administrative positions in various free churches. In addition to establishing lay bible schools, ministry training institutes, and prayer teams for local churches, she travelled extensively, teaching and preaching in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, United States, South East Asia and Australia. After over twenty years of ministry, Sola embarked on an academic journey in the US where she added to her previous BA in History, a Master of Divinity, MA in Biblical Literature, and a PhD in Biblical Studies. Her published doctoral dissertation is entitled, The Son-Father Relationship and Christological Symbolism in the Gospel of John (London: T&T Clark, 2014). Currently based at St John’s College, Sola is writing a book for InterVarsity Press entitled, The Prayers of Paul: A Biblical and Practical Theology of Prayer. Sola’s research interests include the Gospel of John, the Synoptic Gospels, Pauline literature, and biblical theology, particularly, the glory of God. Sola is a Fellow of St John’s College, Durham University, where she conducts academic research and continues in her mission to promote biblical and theological literacy in local congregations.

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