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Faith in Sudan Series

Date added: 27/08/2015

"In 1997 an ecumenical conference was held in Limuru, Kenya. The meeting brought together researchers, some Sudanese and others deeply interested and involved in Sudanese church life. The conference was entitled "The Church in Sudan - Its Impact Past Present and Future." Many of the papers presented at that gathering have subsequently been published in a set of volumes under the general editorship of Andrew Wheeler and William Anderson. By 1998 Paulines Publications Africa of Nairobi had published the first six volumes of the "Faith in Sudan Series." The conference and these six initial publications have spurred further research and writing so that by the time of this review there are now eleven volumes in this important series. Although these works are not described specifically as 'historical' both of the series editors are church historians with the result that most of the volumes have a strong emphasis on the history of Sudanese Christianity."

- Grant LeMarquand

Click here to read LeMarquand's full article: Faith in Sudan, Recent work on the history and theology of Christianity in the Sudan

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