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Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion: 1980 to the Present, edited by David Goodhew

Date added: 07/11/2016

Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion: 1980 to the Present

Edited by David Goodhew

Published by: Routledge

Published: 2017

The Anglican Communion is one of the largest Christian denominations in the world. Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion is the first comprehensive study of its dramatic growth and decline in the years since 1980.

An international team of leading researchers based across five continents provides a global overview of Anglicanism alongside twelve detailed case studies. The case studies stretch from Singapore to England, Nigeria to the USA and mostly focus on non-western Anglicanism.

This book is a critical resource for students and scholars seeking an understanding of the past, present and future of the Anglican Church. More broadly, the study offers insight into debates surrounding secularisation in the contemporary world.

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David Goodhew, Growth and Decline