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Korean Church God's Mission: Global Christianity edited by Wonsuk Ma and Kyo Seong Ahn

Date added: 19/11/2015

Korean Church God's Mission: Global Christianity
edited by Wonsuk Ma and Kyo Seong Ahn

Publisher: Regnum (Edinburgh Centenary Series)

Published: 15 Sep 2015

ISBN: 9781498238243

Once considered as a Cinderella in church growth and mission in the post-Edinburgh Conference era, the Korean church is given its due in this book. As a guide to Korean Christianity, it contains more than thirty chapters, written by historians, missiologists, sociologists, mission practitioners, pastors, and church leaders.  This volume assesses the legacy and place of Korean Christianity and its mission, provides insightful and self-critical accounts in topics ranging from theories, policies, practices, and prospects, and offers a useful overview of how the Korean church grew into a missionary church.   It concludes with reflections on the future challenges and possibilities, and is intended as an important gift to the Korean church and to world Christianity

Wonsuk Ma is Executive Director and David Yonggi Cho Research Tutor of Global Christianity at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Kyo Seong Ahn is Associate Professor of Church History at the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary, Seoul, South Korea.

"...excellent...and one of the most important of the Series: assuming a holistic definition of mission, it provides a panoramic view of the Korean missionary movement, in historical, missiological, and practical perspectives. Authors from multiple ecclesial traditions bring wide-ranging scholarship and experience... I highly recommend...and will use it in my classes."

(Dana L. Robert, Truman Collins Professor of World Christianity and History of Mission, Boston University)

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