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Likeness Litany

Date added: 27/05/2016

Likeness Litany: Facing the Image


Formed in the image and likeness of God,

We rejoice;

Fired by violence and facing away,

We recoil;

Defaced, despairing, curved in on ourselves,

We cry;

Remaking, repairing, curved into the world,

You come, the Image of God.


With compassion, forgiveness, restoring the image,

You heal;

With powerfully piercing, incisive insight,

You teach;

With passion and proverb and practical story,

You preach.


Facing Jerusalem, challenging temple,

         You suffer;

Surfacing from the depths of death,

         You’re raised;

Infusing, renewing, the image refacing,

         You pour out the fiery Spirit of God.


Being transfigured into your likeness,

          From glory to glory;

With unveiled face, we face God’s Image,

          Reflecting the light of the knowledge of God,

          Seen in your face,

          Jesus our Lord.

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