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Mission in the Context of Margins, edited by Kwon Jin-Kwan and P. M. Labeer

Date added: 27/08/2015

Mission in the Context of Margins

Edited by Kwon Jin-Kwan and P. M. Labeer

Published by BTESSC, 2015

ISBN: 978-93-83002-08-5

Dalit, Tribal, Adivasi dialogue with Minjung

Dalit and Minjung Theologians have met so far ten times for theological dialogue, focusing on different issues and themes during the past 22 years. 26 participants of the 10th Dialogue programme held in Bangalore, India, met under the theme, “Mission in the Context of Margins” from 19th to 21st August, 2014.

17 papers were presented followed by discussions. For the first time, Tribal and Adivasi theologians also took part in the dialogue. Participants realised that God’s mission involves resisting the ongoing oppression in the history of Dalit, Minjung, Tribal, Adivasi people, and mobilizing solidarity among them to collectively address the issues that surround unjust forces, institutions and systems for their transformation. Therefore, the participants affirmed to engage together in God’s liberative mission in the context of continuing marginalization and suffering, and strengthen our solidarity network for justice and peace.

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Mission in the Context of Margins