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Mission Without Conquest: An Alternative Missionary Practice

Date added: 17/03/2017

Mission Without Conquest: An Alternative Missionary Practice

by Horst Willis, Paul Ute and Paul Frank

Published: July 2015

Published by: Langham Global Library

ISBN-10: 1783689161

ISBN-13: 978-1783689163

Almost sixty years ago, the Mennonite missionary team working in the Argentine Chaco decided to look for ways to be effective in their ministry while being faithful to Jesus' lifestyle and teaching. They left behind paternalistic models and "conquering" methods and were liberated from the mindset of forming a denominational church. As a result, they found an alternative missionary style of walking alongside those they worked with, giving priority to the integrity of the local people.

"Mission Without Conquest" is a historical narrative of how the Toba Qom people of the Argentine Chaco followed Jesus' way from the time of their conversion until the formation of an autochthonous church. This book embodies a new way to approach the church's missionary task - a way that makes the mission of Jesus Christ the paradigm for Christian mission until his return.


Mission without Conquest