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Moule Lectures

Date added: 31/08/2016

Charlie Moule was a wonderful man, a fine pastor and New Testament scholar whose family has been linked with Ridley Hall, Cambridge from the very founding of the College. Charlie was a man who combined profound humility, brilliance of mind, dedication of service, and holiness of life. After inspiring generations of Ridleians he died in September 2007 at the age of 98.

The C.F.D. Memorial Lecture series was launched in 2008 by one of Professor Moule’s distinguished students and admirers, the Rt Revd N. T. Wright, former Bishop of Durham. 

The purpose of the Lecture is to stimulate thinking about the Church’s mission today. Attendance is open to past and present members of the Ridley community, supporters of the College, staff and students in the Divinity Faculty and members of the Cambridge Theological Federation. In 2015 the invitation was broadened to include members of local churches and the general public.

The full line-up over the years has been:

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