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My Journey So Far by Andrew White

Date added: 19/11/2015

My Journey So Far
by Andrew White

Publisher: Lion Hudson

Published: 15 Oct 2015

ISBN: 9780745970226

Andrew White is something of a legend: a man of great charm and energy, whose personal suffering has not deflected him from his important ministry of reconciliation.

Andrew grew up in London, the son of strongly religious parents: by the age of five he could repeat the five points of Calvinism. As a child and young man he was frequently ill, but his considerable intelligence meant that his studies did not suffer. He set his heart on becoming an anaesthetist, an ambition he achieved, only to be redirected by God to Anglican ministry.

Since ordination he has had a considerable role in the work of reconciliation, both between Christian and Jew and between Shi'ite and Sunni Muslim. Often in danger, and always in pain from multiple sclerosis, he has nevertheless been able to mediate between opposing extremes. A man of God, he is trusted by those who trust very few.

Andrew White, the vicar of St George's Church in Baghdad, has extensive experience of conflict mediation in Iraq and the wider Middle East. President and CEO of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East, launched in 2005, he has written extensively about conflict resolution and has been involved in many hostage negotiations. He is author of The Vicar of Baghdad.

“Abouna Andrew is for us in Iraq not just a spiritual leader for the Christians: he is the spiritual leader of all of us - Iraqis, Sunni, Shia, and others. He has stood with us and been our supporter and defender for nearly two decades. When people were too afraid to even come to Iraq he stayed with us. He is like the Almighty: he will never leave us. However hard the circumstances he is with us."

(Grand Ayatollah Hussein Al-Sadr, Baghdad)

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My Journey So Far by Andrew White