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The Vocation of Anglican Theology: Sources and Essays by Ralph McMichael

Date added: 08/10/2015

The Vocation of Anglican Theology: Sources and Essays

by Ralph McMichael 

Publisher: SCM Press

Published: 30 Sep 2014

ISBN: 978-0334029731

The Vocation of Anglican Theology presents a contemporary Anglican theology rooted in its sources but reaching into the future. A range of leading Anglican theologians - Rowan Williams, Ellen Charry, Kenneth Stevenson, Mark Chapman, Kathryn Tanner, Richard Norris and Christopher A. Beeley - reflect on key theological subjects such as Christology, ecclesiology and eschatology. Each subject pairs a selection of excerpts from Anglican theologians with an essay. This text is ideal for use in courses on Anglican theology. Indeed, it is hoped that it will prove to be the standard text for courses in Anglican theology throughout the Anglican Communion. In one volume, the student can meet Anglican theologians from the past and in the present, with the opportunity to learn and to inhabit a common Anglican future.

Ralph McMichael is Director of the Center for the Eucharist located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

“This is a quite wonderful book. It deftly achieves three things. It offers lucid and absorbing accounts of the great themes of Christian theology, in an Anglican voice but an ecumenical spirit; it brings from the treasure house succinct and apposite readings suitable for contemporary study; and it presents a compelling and inspiring invitation to join the vocation that is the Anglican experiment in seeking to be both Catholic and Reformed. Ralph McMichael has drawn together a perfectly conceived manual for a person discovering Anglican theology and an ideal stimulus to those rediscovering their roots.”

(Samuel Wells, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London)

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The Vocation of Anglican Theology