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The Vocation of Anglicanism by Paul Avis

Date added: 14/10/2016

The Vocation of Anglicanism by Paul Avis

Published by: Bloomsbury T&T Clark

Published: August 2016

ISBN-10: 0567664627

ISBN-13: 0567664627

Paul Avis charts a pathway of theological integrity through the serious challenges facing the Anglican Communion in the first quarter of the twentieth century. He asks whether there is a special calling for Anglicanism as an expression of the Christian Church and expounds the Anglican theological tradition to shed light on current controversies. He argues in conclusion that Anglicanism is called, like all the churches, to reflect the nature of the Church that we confess in the Creed to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic. 

The book provides a clear view of the way that the Anglican tradition holds together aspects of the church that in other traditions are sometimes allowed to drift apart, as the Anglican understanding of the Church reveals itself to be catholic and reformed, episcopal and synodical, universal and local, biblical and reasonable, traditional and open to fresh insight. Avis combines accessible scholarly analysis with constructive arguments that will bring fresh hope and vision to Anglicans around the world.

Bishop Graham writes of this book: "In this collection of essays we find revelation, excavation and exploration - Scripture, Tradition and Reason. Here are profound theological insights, drawn from deep Anglican wells, set in an ecumenical hinterland, by a doyen of Anglican ecclesiology from the global North."

Paul Avis