MTA Conference - Recife, 24-27th April 2017

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The Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion Conference in Recife, Brazil, 24-27th April 2017. More information and papers are available here.

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Blaze of light in Durham Cathedral during the launch of Talking Jesus at Durham Cathedral Hilary Garang, Bishop of Malakal, in Feb 2012. Bishop of Harare, Chad Gandiya, and other Bishops from Zimbabwe, join in with their singers outside ‪‎Lusaka‬ cathedral at ACC 16. Bishop Graham at Recife Cathedral. With the Bishop of Recife, Joćo Peixoto (left), and Dean of the Cathedral, Gustavo Oliveira, after the service. The Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings with attendees The Rt Revd Dr Graham Kings, Mission Theologian, introduces discussion questions Painting by Silvia Dimitrova - Priscilla Bishop Graham Kings and Elizabeth Joy