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Rethinking Mission

Date added: 18/03/2017 >>

The Rethinking Mission online journal, from USPG, enables people around the world to engage, on an equal footing, in dialogue about what it means to be involved in mission today.

It aims to stimulate new thinking about the theology of mission, enlightened by perspectives of Christians from around the world.



Global Ethics online collection

Date added: 16/06/2016 >>

Visit the Latin American Ethics Collection from Global Ethics, a unique bilingual classification (English | Spanish) on Latin American ethical themes and theological documentation;  about 150 categories in Ethics and Theology.



International Review of Mission

Date added: 16/06/2016 >>

With issues dating back to 1912, the International Review of Mission is one of the longest established theological journals.



International Association for Mission Studies

Date added: 16/06/2016 >>

Mission Studies, the journal of the International Association of Mission Studies, enables the IAMSto expand its services as a forum for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world, and the related field of intercultural theology, from international, interconfessional and interdisciplinary perspectives.



International Bulletin of Mission Research

Date added: 16/06/2016 >>

With in-depth analyses of worldwide Christianity and mission-focused book reviews, the International Bulletin of Mission Research is an unparalleled source of information on the world church in mission. The editors are committed to maintaining the highest possible academic editorial standards. IBMR provides an editorial voice that is dispassionate, analytical, fair minded, and nonpartisan.



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