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Grace after Meat

Date added: 25/01/2017 >>

A grace writen by Robert Burns, Scottish poet, who is remembered on 25th January.



A Collect for the Conversion of St Paul

Date added: 25/01/2017 >>

A collect from the Church of England to celebrate the Conversion of St Paul, remembered on 25th January.



A prayer for those coping with floods

Date added: 13/01/2017 >>

A prayer from the Church of England for those coping with floods.



Hymn from Bangalore

Date added: 27/10/2016 >>

Bishop Graham sung this hymn at St Mark's Cathedral, Bangalore, following the MTA Conference in Bangalore.



Prayer from India

Date added: 29/09/2016 >>

A prayer taken from a poem by Rabindranath Tagore, written for Ghandi when he broke his fast, circa 1932.

Excerpt from Gitanjali (Song Offerings) by Rabindranath Tagore.

Prayer for Amatrice, Italy

Date added: 24/08/2016 >>

A prayer from Canterbury Diocese for those in Amatrice, Italy.



Buddhist Prayer

Date added: 23/08/2016 >>

A traditional Buddhist prayer.



Kenyan Prayer

Date added: 16/08/2016 >>

A traditional Kenyan prayer.



Australian Prayer

Date added: 21/07/2016 >>

A prayer from Australian Images, by Aubrey Podlich, a Queensland pastor.


A prayer for those caught up in tragedy and disaster.

Date added: 20/05/2016 >>

A prayer from the Church of England for those caught up in tragedy and disaster.


God of all life and breath

Date added: 27/08/2015 >>

The prayer below, written by Teilhard de Chardin, was used at a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Bishop R. O. Hall of Hong Kong; a man, likewise, with a wide vision of God's creation, and a passionate devotion to God's people as part of it.


A Prayer of Peace

Date added: 27/08/2015 >>


A daily prayer for the unity of Christians

Date added: 11/01/2016 >>

This daily prayer for the unity of Christians was composed by members of the Chemin Neuf community, from the prayer of the abbot Paul Couturier. It has been translated into Spanish and French.



Date added: 12/01/2016 >>

Today's Collect for Primates 2016 is a prayer by William Temple, 1881-1944 (Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-44.)

Read the Collect on the Primates 2016 website.


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