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Foundations of Protestant Christianity: The Roots of Anglicanism in Colonial Coastal Andhra: Madras Presidency, India

Dr. Santha Varikoti- Jetty


Dr. Santha Varikoti- Jetty

This article by Dr Santha Varikoti-Jetty, looks at 'Foundations of Protestant Christianity:The Roots of Anglicanism in Colonial Coastal Andhra: Madras Presidency, India.' This is the first article by Dr Varikoti-Jetty looking at this subject.


Charles Simeon: Roots and Ramifications - Interweavings No 3 Nov 2015

19/11/2015    An Interweaving


A sermon given at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge on Sunday 15 Nov 2015, based on Colossians 1:3-12 and Luke 2:25-38.