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Salvation as Praxis: A Practical Theology of Salvation for a Multi-Faith World

Date added: 18/04/2017 >>

Will people of other faiths be 'saved' and to what extent should the response to this question shape Christian engagements with people of other faiths? Historically, the predominant answer to these questions has been that the person of another faith will not be saved and is therefore in need of conversion to Christianity for their salvation to be possible. Consequently, it has been understood to be the obligation of Christian persons to convert people of other faiths.



The Book of Joy

Date added: 10/04/2017 >>

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have survived more than fifty years of exile and the soul-crushing violence of oppression. Despite their hardships – or, as they would say, because of them – they are two of the most joyful people on the planet. 



The Problem with Interreligious Dialogue

Date added: 02/04/2017 >>

Muthuraj Swamy provides a fresh perspective on the world religions paradigm and 'interreligious dialogue'. By challenging the assumption that 'world religions' operate as essential entities separate from the lived experiences of practitioners, he shows that interreligious dialogue is in turn problematic as it is built on this very paradigm, and on the myth of religious conflict. 


Hindu-Christian Dictionary

Date added: 02/04/2017 >>

A collaboration between the Pontifical Urban University and the Somaiya Vidyavihar in Mumbai has resulted in a Hindu-Christian Dictinary being released. The dictionary is available in Italian and English.

Read more about it on the Urbaniana website: 



The End of Theology: Shaping Theology for the Sake of Mission

Date added: 02/04/2017 >>

The End of Theology generates a discussion of the nature of theology and how it is most meaningfully constructed to offer a truly interdisciplinary perspective on theology and mission. 



Mission Without Conquest: An Alternative Missionary Practice

Date added: 17/03/2017 >>

Almost sixty years ago, the Mennonite missionary team working in the Argentine Chaco decided to look for ways to be effective in their ministry while being faithful to Jesus' lifestyle and teaching. They left behind paternalistic models and "conquering" methods and were liberated from the mindset of forming a denominational church. As a result, they found an alternative missionary style of walking alongside those they worked with, giving priority to the integrity of the local people.


Authentic Lives: Overcoming the Problem of Hidden Identity in Outreach to Restrictive Nations

Date added: 03/02/2017 >>

Are you concerned about unreached or unengaged peoples? You probably know that their countries do not welcome missionaries, and that followers of Jesus who serve there via traditional sending organizations do not publicize these organizational ties or their churchbased funding sources. But have you thought through the consequences of keeping that information hidden? Authentic Lives will help you do that—and more. 



Teaching Global Theologies: Power and Praxis

Date added: 31/01/2017 >>

Theological education, like theology itself, is becoming a truly a global enterprise. As such, theological education has to form, teach, and train leaders of faith communities prepared to lead in a transnational world. The teaching of theology with a global awareness has to wrestle with the nature and scope of the theological curriculum, teaching methods, and the context of learning. Teaching Global Theologies directly addresses both method and content by identifying local resources, successful pedagogies of inclusion, and best practices for teaching theology in a global context.



World Religions: A Guide to the Essentials

Date added: 26/01/2017 >>

This masterful survey of world religions presents a clear and concise portrait of the history, beliefs, and practices of Eastern and Western religions. The new edition contains added material and has been revised throughout. The authors, both respected scholars of world religions, have over fifty years of combined teaching experience. Their book is accessibly written for introductory classes, can be easily adapted for one- or two-semester courses, and presents a neutral approach for broad classroom use. Pedagogical aids include further reading suggestions, photographs, sidebars, and pronunciation guides. An 800-question bank of multiple-choice test questions is available to professors through Baker Academic's Textbook eSources.



Luther, Calvin and the Mission of the Church

Date added: 25/01/2017 >>

'Luther, Calvin and the Mission of the Church' is by Revd Dr Thorsten Prill, Senior Lecturer at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary.




Out of the Depths: Hope in Times of Suffering

Date added: 19/01/2017 >>

Out of the Depths is an Anglican theological resource written for Christians of all traditions; both those who are undergoing persecution and those prayerfully trying to make sense of persecution and support their Christian brothers and sisters.  



Academic Vocation in the Church and Academy Today: 'And With All Of Your Mind'

Date added: 18/01/2017 >>

This book explores the vital, common, yet surprisingly often misunderstood and neglected vocation of people gifted to combine academic and priestly roles in church, church-related, and secular academic contexts.



Anglicanism: Confidence, Commitment and Communion

Date added: 18/01/2017 >>

This focused concentration and celebration of Anglican life could not be more timely. Debates on sexuality and gender (including women bishops), whether or not the church has a Covenant, or can be a Communion, and how it is ultimately led, are issues that have dominated the ecclesial horizon for several decades.



Global Gospel: An Introduction to Christianity on Five Continents

Date added: 17/01/2017 >>

In this pathbreaking book, award-winning author Douglas Jacobsen describes global Christianity and provides a framework for understanding the varied experiences of Christians around the world. Focusing on the five big continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America, Jacobsen recounts their differing histories, contemporary experiences, and cultural theologies. 



Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace: The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2017

Date added: 16/01/2017 >>

Designed for study in the weeks of Lent leading up to Easter, Dethroning Mammon reflects on the impact of our own attitudes, and of the pressures that surround us, on how we handle the power of money, called Mammon in this book.



The New Evangelization: Faith, People, Context and Practice

Date added: 19/12/2016 >>

The New Evangelization draws on material presented and discussed at the conference 'Vatican II, 50 Years On: The New Evangelization' organised by Leeds Trinity University on 26-29th June 2012. Part I traces the historical and theological links between the Council and the New Evangelization. Part II examines the renewed understanding of the Church as a result of the Council and the extent to which it is shaped by civilization. Part III analyzes the nature of the New Evangelization and its outworking in today's multifarious context of cultures, religions and societies. Part IV deals with the implementation of the New Evangelization by different communities and organizations and the issues this raises. In the Introduction and Conclusion, the editors reflect on the New Evangelization in the light of significant developments since 2012. 



The Quest for Gender Equity in Leadership Biblical Teachings on Gender Equity and Illustrations of Transformation in Africa, edited by KeumJu Jewel Hyun and Diphus C. Chemorion

Date added: 18/11/2016 >>

The House of Prisca and Aquila Series aims to produce quality books that expound accurately the Word of God to empower women and men to minister together in a multicultural church. The books are published in partnership with Wipf and Stock Publishers.



The Church in Mission: Foundations and Global Case Studies, edited by Bertil Ekstrom

Date added: 10/11/2016 >>

What does it mean today to be a church totally committed to the gospel and fully engaged in God's mission? What major religious trends in our world are affecting the role of the global church and local churches? How do we define "church" in the twenty-first century, being faithful to the Scriptures and at the same time relevant to a generation that does not believe in the institutional church anymore? What are some good models of missional churches in different regions of the world that will encourage and inspire those who long to see a church making difference in society and in the world?



Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion: 1980 to the Present, edited by David Goodhew

Date added: 07/11/2016 >>

The Anglican Communion is one of the largest Christian denominations in the world. Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion is the first comprehensive study of its dramatic growth and decline in the years since 1980.



Saint Aldhelm's 'Riddles' translated by A.M.Juster

Date added: 31/10/2016 >>

The first and one of the finest Latin poets of Anglo-Saxon England, the seventh-century bishop Saint Aldhelm can justly be called “Britain’s first man of letters.” Among his many influential poetic texts were the hundred riddles that made up his Aenigmata. In Saint Aldhelm’s Riddles, A.M. Juster offers the first verse translation of this text in almost a century, capturing the wit, warmth, and wonder of the first English riddle collection.



The Vocation of Anglicanism by Paul Avis

Date added: 14/10/2016 >>

Paul Avis charts a pathway of theological integrity through the serious challenges facing the Anglican Communion in the first quarter of the twentieth century. He asks whether there is a special calling for Anglicanism as an expression of the Christian Church and expounds the Anglican theological tradition to shed light on current controversies. He argues in conclusion that Anglicanism is called, like all the churches, to reflect the nature of the Church that we confess in the Creed to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic. 



J. S. Bach by Albert Schweitzer, in two volumes translated by Ernest Newman

Date added: 14/10/2016 >>

Independent of his international renown as a humanitarian, Albert Schweitzer is well known as a great musicologist; a reputation that rests largely upon this book. Schweitzer's "J. S. Bach" is one of the great full-length studies of the composer, his life, and his work. 



Gather into One: Praying and Singing Globally by Michael Hawn

Date added: 26/09/2016 >>

In this volume C. Michael Hawn explores the work of five of the most influential global church musicians found in North American hymnals: Pablo Sosa (Argentina), I-to Loh (Taiwan), David Dargie (South Africa), Patrick Matsikenyiri (Zimbabwe), and John Bell (Scotland).



Global Dictionary of Theology A Resource for the Worldwide Church by William A. Dyrness (Editor), Veli-Matti Karkkainen (Editor)

Date added: 05/09/2016 >>

The Global Dictionary of Theology is inspired by the shift of the centre of Christianity from the West to the global South. But it also reflects the increase in two-way traffic between these two sectors as well as the global awareness that has permeated popular culture to an unprecedented degree.
The Global Dictionary of Theology has approximately 250 articles written by over 100 contributors representing a global spectrum of theological perspectives.



Constants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today, by Stephen B. Bevans edited by Roger Schroeder

Date added: 07/08/2015 >>

Constants in Context: A Theology of Mission for Today

by Stephen B. Bevans, edited by Roger Schroeder

A history and theology of Christian mission.


Paul on Baptism: Theology, Ministry and Mission in Context by Nicholas Taylor

Date added: 09/09/2016 >>

Drawing on recent scholarship on the Pauline tradition within early Christianity, this book examines Paul's theology of baptism and highlights its practical application in ministry today. It considers what the rite represented and effected, in the light of the social and cultural milieu in which his letters were written, and of his strategies for mission and the formation and nurture of new Christian communities.



Boundless: What Global Expressions of Faith Teach Us about Following Jesus by Bryan Bishop

Date added: 10/03/2016 >>

Boundless: What Global Expressions of Faith Teach Us about Following Jesus

by Bryan Bishop

In his many travels as a researcher for Youth With A Mission, Bryan Bishop discovered a startling phenomenon: hidden movements of Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists who are experiencing and following Jesus outside the boundaries of traditional Western Christianity. And they have plenty to teach Christians in the West who feel spiritually stagnant or disillusioned.



Diversity in the Structure of Christian Reasoning by Joshua Broggi

Date added: 01/12/2015 >>

Diversity in the Structure of Christian Reasoning
by Joshua Broggi

Diversity in the Structure of Christian Reasoning examines the effect of Christian commitments on rationality. When Christians read scripture, traditions supply concepts that shape what counts as normal, good, and true. This book offers an account of how different communities produce divergent readings of the Bible.



The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World by Werner Mischke

Date added: 01/12/2015 >>

The Global Gospel: Achieving Missional Impact in Our Multicultural World
by Werner Mischke 


The Global Gospel describes how the honor/shame dynamics common to the Bible and many Majority World societies can be used to contextualize the gospel of Christ so it will be more widely received.




Mission on the Road to Emmaus: Constants, Contexts and Prophetic Dialogue edited by Cathy Ross and Stephen Bevans

Date added: 27/11/2015 >>

Mission on the Road to Emmaus: Constants, Contexts and Prophetic Dialogue
edited by Cathy Ross and Stephen Bevans

The contributors in this book consider mission through the lens of 'prophetic dialogue'. The book consciously tries to bring a fresh approach - introducing some newer themes (identity, creation, migration) and bringing a different perspective on some older themes by grouping them in this way.



The Mission of God: Studies in Orthodox and Evangelical Mission edited by Mark Oxbow and Tim Grass

Date added: 13/10/2015 >>

The Mission of God: Studies in Orthodox and Evangelical Mission
edited by Mark Oxbow and Tim Grass


World Christianity Bibliography, Yale University

Date added: 09/10/2015 >>

World Christianity Bibliogrpahy, Divinity School Library, Yale University 

Selected books on Missions and World Christianity


Jesus without Borders: Christology in the Majority World edited by by Gene L. Green, Stephen T. Pardue and K. K. Yeo

Date added: 08/10/2015 >>

Jesus without Borders: Christology in the Majority World  

edited by Gene L. Green, Stephen T. Pardue and K. K. Yeo

Though the makeup of the church worldwide has undeniably shifted south and east over the past few decades, very few theological resources have taken account of these changes.



Contemporary Issues In Mission: What Christians Need To Know, Volume 1 by Dr Thorsten Prill

Date added: 08/10/2015 >>

Contemporary Issues In Mission: What Christians Need To Know, Volume 1

by Dr Thorsten Prill

How can missionaries work together in a team or cooperate with indigenous churches if they do not agree on the nature of the gospel?


The Vocation of Anglican Theology: Sources and Essays by Ralph McMichael

Date added: 08/10/2015 >>

The Vocation of Anglican Theology: Sources and Essays
by Ralph McMichael

The Vocation of Anglican Theology presents a contemporary Anglican theology rooted in its sources but reaching into the future.


Reflecting on and Equipping for Christian Mission edited by Stephen Bevans, Teresa Chai, J. Nelson Jennings, Knud Jorgensen and Dietrich Werner

Date added: 19/11/2015 >>

Reflecting on and Equipping for Christian Mission
edited by Stephen Bevans, Teresa Chai, J. Nelson Jennings, Knud Jorgensen and Dietrich Werner

This volume looks at mission formations for all Christians and missionary formation for mission workers, agencies and churches in a changing situation for mission. 


Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes

Date added: 27/11/2015 >>

Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes
Submitted by the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) 

This statement on Mission and Evangelism was presented to the World Council of Churches (WCC) 10th assembly at Busan, Korea, in 2013.



Spirit-Word-Community: Theological Hermeneutics in Trinitarian Perspective by Amos Yong

Date added: 02/09/2016 >>

The main thesis of Spirit-Word-Community is that Christian theological reflection in a postmodern world starts with the experience of the Holy Spirit, but is at the same time post-foundationalist in terms of being formed by the word and being adjudicated by various communities of interpretation. Yet the book's hermeneutical and methodological proposals are not merely prolegomena to theology but already involve and assume theologically substantive claims derived from a pneumatological point of view. 



The Holy Spirit in the World: A Global Conversation by Kirsteen Kim

Date added: 02/09/2016 >>

In this book, Kristeen Kim shows how perspectives formed by gender, access to power, theology, social location, and culture offer new and rich insights into ancient questions. Highlighting both the vitality and tensions of the present moment, she looks at the way in which God's people are moving under the Spirit's power to new wisdom and insight.



Joining in with the Spirit by Kirsteen Kim

Date added: 01/09/2016 >>

Joining in with the Spirit is an accessible introduction to mission studies - the history, theology and issues of mission, which is up-to-date and supported by contemporary scholarship. It also offers a theological framework for mission, which applies both globally and locally, to help the reader discern the movement of the Spirit of Christ among the many other spirits of this world.

This text illustrates the impact of the 1910 Edinburgh world missionary conference and shows how the churches in Britain as a part of a much wider movement of the Spirit of Christ that is world Christianity.



Putting Names with Faces: Women's Impact in Mission History, Christine Lienemann-Perrin, Atola Longkumer, Afrie Songco Joye

Date added: 01/09/2016 >>

Women have participated in Christian mission work since the beginning of Christianity. Few of their names are known to us; others are identified as spouses or coworkers of men in mission; and many remain completely anonymous. 



Mission and Money; Christian Mission in the Context of Global Inequalities

Date added: 01/09/2016 >>

Mission and Money; Christian Mission in the Context of Global Inequalities offers academic discussion about the mission of the Church in the context of contemporary economic inequalities globally, challenging the reader to reconsider mission in the light of existing poverty, and investigating how economic structures could be challenged in the light of ethical and spiritual considerations. 



Who Are You, My Daughter? Reading Ruth Through Image and Text by Margaret Parker (Illustrator), Ellen Davis (Translator)

Date added: 25/08/2016 >>

Who Are You, My Daughter? Reading Ruth Through Image and Text

by Margaret Parker (Illustrator), Ellen Davis (Translator)

In this annotated and illustrated translation of the book of Ruth, Ellen Davis and Margaret Adams Parker demonstrate how translation and art can be complementary forms of biblical interpretation. The three components of the book - translation, notes, and images - explore the story of Ruth as one of suffering and loss redeemed by steadfast faithfulness. The translation is loyal to the original; the notes reflect on Ruth's story, literary form, lexical choices, and theological meaning; and the woodcuts provide a stimulating running narrative.



Witnessing to Christ in a Multi-Religious Context edited by Beate Fagerli, Knud Jørgensen and Frank-Ole Thoresen.

Date added: 10/06/2016 >>

This book grows out of a desire to come to grips with our new context. Until a few decades ago we believed that Norway was for Norwegians. And Norwegians were Christian – most of them even Lutheran. Slowly at first, but then with increasing momentum, our neighbourhoods and villages changed from being mono-cultural and mono-religious into something less Norwegian, but more like a rainbow society. This book brings together the presentations of a symposium on these issues. It featured two international keynote speakers, Robert Schreiter and Kirsteen Kim, as well as a group of presenters and respondents, to discuss and reflect on the challenges to witnessing to Christ in societies with multiple faith traditions.



Rowan Williams: On Augustine

Date added: 27/05/2016 >>

Since his retirement as Archbishop of Canterbury and his return to academic life (Master of Magdalene College Cambridge) Rowan Williams has demonstrated a massive new surge of intellectual energy. In this new book he turns his attention to St Augustine.